Modern Bathrooms are defined from the 1920s to 1950s

But what really defines a modern bathroom design theme?

Besides the look and feel of sleek cool lines and simple colour palates with neutral tones, modern design elements often go hand in hand with organization. A well-organized space with minimal d├ęcor clutter and clever storage solutions screams modern bathroom design.

The Vermont. Contemporary-design, L-shaped shower bath that allows maximum space for comfortable bathing with a wider side for more freedom to move around as you shower.

Cornell Aston. A free standing double ended bath that can also be converted for whirlpool system, comes with 4 piece close coupled WC and pedestal with basin in a fantastic style to suit most bathrooms.


Carolina. Very clean lines and styled to suit most homes. The bath comes in 5 sizes to fit in nicely where you would like it, also comes with 4 piece close coupled WC and pedestal with basin.


The Utah Bathroom Suite is a beautifull and modern suite that would make any home look fantastic.

Ohio suite. This is mix & match suite with Eden Vanity unit and Ohio curved design WC with an Ebony Bath.

The OREGON is for a totally relaxing bath in an open space..

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Double ended baths are the most comfortable due to size and layout.

The UTAH suite is a fantastic looking design.

OREGON is for a totaly relaxing bath in an open space.

Kansas offset bath a great design.